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How To Plan A Titanic Themed Dinner Party

Despite the arguments that both Jack and Rose could have stayed safely on the door without the need for Jack to let go one has to accept that this movie has become one of the most popular movies in the world. Therefore when you combine this movie with one of the most famous disasters of modern times one has to admit that this would provide the perfect backdrop for any dinner party. Although some people may consider hosting a Titanic-themed dinner party to be macabre the grand dinners hosted for the first class passengers still continues to fascinate many of us till this day. Therefore if you are thinking about hosting a Titanic-themed dinner party then you have come to the right place because the following article will proceed to act a comprehensive guide for any individual who wishes to host such a party.  x banner

 Create the Ambience 

The success or the failure of this party would depend purely on its settings. Therefore one has to make sure that they maintain an air of authenticity when planning this party. Hence, when inviting the guests one can make sure to ask them to dress in finest which would resemble the clothes world by those in the ship. Furthermore, one can utilize canvas printing of scenes from the movie to hang on the walls of the house. Moreover, when it comes to the dinner table one has to make sure that this table is formal by setting the table with fine linen, china and crystal. Moreover, instead of having a brightly lit dinner hall one can instead opt to use candlelight because this would bath the guests in soft light would create the perfect ambience for the dinner. One can also opt to use handwritten place cards to indicate to the guests their seats.  

Food & Beverages 

As you may know by now the final dinner served to the guests aboard the Titanic is common knowledge, therefore, one can opt to recreate this menu if they are feeling adventurous because this menu consists of eleven courses. However, if one is planning on serving a modified version of this dinner they can then opt to display the original menu on an x banner for the guests to view. 


When it comes to music one cannot opt to play anything they like instead they should discover songs that were popular during this era and opt to play them in the background throughout dinner. 

A Titanic themed dinner party can be an experience in itself, therefore, one should make sure to follow the aforementioned guide in order to be truly authentic. 

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