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Tips For Successful Enterprise Resource Planning

The implementation of ERP is an important milestone for any business. Regardless of whether the decision was spontaneous or whether it was debated over many years, it should be understood that careful progress is necessary to ensure its successful enforcement. Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind: 

Finding a Reliable Professional 

  • Evaluation – the first thing to do in order to implement an ERP system Hong Kong is to find a reliable expert or team of experts who can meet your expectations. However, in order to ensure that your partner does a reliable job, you first need to assess what your company needs, lacks, should improve on, etc. before, during and after the implementation of the system. A careful analysis and an evaluation of every department of the company are required, after which a careful plan with needs and objectives must be drafted. Having a clear vision of what you require can significantly ease the search for the right professional. 
  • Track record – references and reputation are the primary leads you rely on when finding a service. When it comes to the implementation of an ERP software, you should make sure to understand the vendor beyond what your references or their reputation tell you. Communication is crucial to ensure that both sides explain what should be done, but it is also important that you verify their capability to provide you with an optimal system. As such, make it a point to ask for their track record. Whilst fully satisfied customers are naturally a sign of a productive team of professionals, do not dismiss them on the basis of a few mistakes; instead, try asking them what they would have done (or did) to rectify the situation – you might surprisingly find them more reliable than someone who has a fully positive track record. Check out more here http://www.kingdee.com.hk/en/cloud-erp/

Implementing the Software 

  • Integration with mobile platforms – nowadays, the use of laptops and desktop computers is not the only way through which people perform their duties – the use of smartphones, tablets and other portable devices has easily become just as essential. Accordingly, a good ERP implementation is one which also considers mobile platforms, and allows seamless integration. 

After Implementation 

  • Time for adjustment – and finally, do not forget to let everyone adjust to the changes! The implementation of ERP is a decisive and fundamental step in the history of any business or company, and the employees should naturally get enough time to adapt themselves to the changes that will happen with this implementation. Maintain a good support and information network so that errors and issues can be quickly troubleshot. 

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